Sunday, June 26, 2005

Packing List

Remember, please Pack Lightly, but also try and remember all of the things that we're going to need. Two duffle bags are better than one overgrown suitcase.

The Packing List:
  1. Bible
  2. Sleeping Bag/Bedroll/Blanket/Air mattress
  3. Pillow
  4. 2 sets work clothes with long pants
  5. Work shorts
  6. Beach clothes/swimsuit (modest)
  7. Towel/Washcloth/toiletries
  8. Other clothes
  9. Lightweight, long-sleeve shirt & pants
  10. Hat (lightweight, cover top of ears)
  11. Shoes (closed toed and closed heeled for work), tennis shows, sandals
  12. Water Bottle
  13. Sunscreen & DEET bug repellant
  14. Clothes for Worship
  15. Camera, Music player, Cell phone - YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY
  16. Personal Spending Money ($40-$80)
  17. Picture ID
  18. Journal
  19. Book to read on plane flights
  20. "Shoveable" luggage (bear in mind, you may have to have it in your lap or next to you)

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