Monday, June 27, 2005

Clothing - Think "appropriateness" and "modesty"

There was some concern that we were not specific enough in our Sunday meeting about what sorts of clothing to bring on the trip. Tara wrote up the following to help you in your packing:

Girls, no short shorts. If you wear halter tops or midriffs in our free time, they should not be low cut and you will also need to wear a swim suit top, sports bra, or another layer. Skirts should also not be short, short.

Guys & Girls, please do not wear any low rider waistlines on any clothing. Clothing should at all times cover all underwear.

Please make sure all T-Shirts and clothing model appropriate messages. If any chaperone believes what you are wearing is inappropriate, you will be asked to change. So think while you are packing.

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