Thursday, July 07, 2005

Finally, some pictures and some real internet access

Hi Everyone,

I am borrowing a high speed network internet connection from one of our presenters who is staying at a nearby hotel. So finally I can upload a few pictures and let you know that we really are alive and well here in Florida.

There have been a few minor sunburns and only one major one that resulted in blisters, but that was the nurse's son, so he had to tough it out on his own. Kayla, everyone is doing great and having fun, including Grandma. She has been a real blessing to us and to our trip; thank you for sharing her with us. Kandice is having a wonderful time (see her picture below) and has been very involved in everything that we've been doing. She's just a little under the weather today from a touch of stomach trouble and maybe a bit of the flu, but she felt well enough to go swimming this evening at our "Low Boil." A Low Boil is shrimp, smoked sausage, potatoes, and corn on the cob cooked all together and eaten with no utensils! Mmm, tasty, and fresh shrimp!

Here are some picture from our week. We'll have a bunch more at an upcoming slide slow at church I'm sure.

Here we are outside Redeemer Lutheran in Macon, GA.

Outside our Saturday night home

Our Macon hosts, the Rodgers

Who were nice enough to bring us a true Southern Breakfast!

The Sanctuary at Redeemer

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Anonymous said...

Hody Andy(and everyone else)Finally
got online to check things out down there. Hope all is going well and Dennis stays out of the way. Keep up the good work and have fun.